Anupma Chandra UPSC IAS Mentorship Program

Anupma Chandra UPSC Prelims 2022 Mentorship

Topics for Revision History Indian Paintings, Classical dance Forms, Folk Dance Forms, Classical Music, Puppetry, Pottery, Drama, Theatre, Martial arts GEOGRAPHY Origin of Earth POLITY Constitutional Framework — Features, Preamble   ECONOMY Planning – Meaning, Objectives, History Structural Planning   GEN SCIENCE The Universe – Big Bang theory, Red shift, and Blue shift

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UPSC Prelims Mentorship Program | Anupma Chandra

Monday Musings Hope you are doing great at your end. Well, we have an interesting task for today. What you need to do is — “collect 5-10 doubts related to ‘Prelims 2022’ and send it to the email given by tomorrow or you can simply post it in the comments box, by Tuesday morning.” We’ll

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