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How to Deal with Procrastination & Time Management to excel in IAS/ UPSC Civil Services Examination

Best Time management practices for success in IAS/ UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022/ 2023-

“8 out of 10 people don’t do work because they don’t possess the required skills, rather they are unaware about what work should be tackled first.”

And, this is how we end up procrastinating! So today’s post is about learning effective time management techniques during preparation and life, how to deal with Procrastination, and also, how to strike balance between the following:

  1. 1. Work and Preparation;
  2. 2. Preparations and life; or
  3. 3. A relationship and your life;

You can mix and match all of these scenarios with whatever you could think of. But, the important thing is to remove obstacles, such as Procrastination, and develop clarity about our major goals either in IAS/ UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022/ 2023 or any IIT-JEE/ IIT JAM/ CAT examination.

Best techniques/ practices to deal with procrastination and effective time management -

Effectively manage UPSC Syllabus and preparation.

To achieve we can rely on the following effective time management techniques:

  • Eisenhower Matrix;
  • Identifying the Frog activity, and
  • Lots of other secrets of a powerful mindset.

Without further delay; let’s begin with the Eisenhower matrix.

Eisenhower Matrix

It is a matrix that helps us to set our priorities like a pro.
As the name suggests it is a matrix that has a table of 2×2 boxes as given below:

Time Management Technique Eisenhower Matrix

Learn to plan your activities for a day –


Or you can also draw the same in the following 3×3 table;

Learn to find out the important activity of a day.

Eisenhower matrix –


Let’s understand these boxes in brief:

1.1) It says to pick up those tasks which are important to do in the future and in the present as well. For instance,
  • Tasks related to health,
  • Tasks related to career,
  • Tasks related to a healthy relationship, etc.

REMEDY: DO it now.

1.2) It says to pick up those tasks which are IMPORTANT (for short term and long term goals) but not URGENT to do right at this moment. For instance,
  • Writing a Mock test for UPSC Civil Services Prelims CSAT/ GS Paper-1
  • Revisions,
  • Delicious cuisines; if you’re dieting,
  • Talking to your near and dear ones, etc.

REMEDY: PLAN it well, and do accordingly.

2.1) Those tasks which are URGENT in the present moment, but NOT IMPORTANT in the view of your goals (listed in box 1.1), For instance,
  • Cooking food/ Cleaning, etc.,
  • Picking up guests/ friends from the Railway station,

REMEDY: DELEGATE it to a person who can do such tasks at best.

2.2) Now, there are some tasks in a day, which are neither URGENT in the present moment, nor IMPORTANT in the view of your goals (listed in box 1.1), For instance,
  • Binge-watch movies/web series, etc.
  • Using social media or playing games excessively.
  • Savoring a delicious cuisine more than our appetite.

REMEDY: SKIP those tasks.

IDENTIFYING the Frog activity:

It means we should do those tasks of a day very first which makes us do procrastinate.
Now, if you are wondering what should be that activity? It’s pretty normal, to help you with this task you can go to the box (1.1.) If in that list you have something which deters you from doing or starting an important task/ work. Then that thing/activity is your FROG.

You are supposed to do that activity as a higher priority. The way you would progress in the activity you would earn motivation at the cognitive level. And it is more important than a physical reward.

The more you progress on that work you will become more motivated & inspired to do that activity. I believe it is something that will surely keep you on track and thus you can become a winner sure shot in your goal of life.

That means an Officer Trainee at LBSNAA, Mussoorie.

We hope these two techniques would definitely help you to strengthen your understanding of managing time in an optimum way.

Thank you, Be Victorious!Be Victorious